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May, 2020

Squirrel Hill Baseball Association Update

Dear Squirrel Hill Baseball Families:
First, I want to thank you for your patience and support during these challenging times.
The health and safety of our entire baseball family is, and will continue to be, our top priority.  At this time, the city has not decided when they will be issuing permits for the fields. However, we expect that decision to be made soon.  Once restrictions are lifted by the city and state, we will decide on how and when to begin our season from among the following possibilities (or perhaps a combination therein):
1)    Late spring/summer season
Start by early to mid-June.  Teams and coaches have been pretty much set since early March, so we could jump right in without too much lead time.
2)    Summer Season
Start end of June through mid-July.  We have spoken to 14th Ward about the possibility of doing a joint program.
3)    Extended Fall Season
Start early to mid-August.
4)    Normal Fall Season
Start end of August to early-September.  This would possibly be with 14th Ward as we have done the past two years.
I have had many calls from parents who are excited about the possibility of their children starting to play baseball.  I share in that excitement, but we will only move forward when we are confident that health and safety of all players and families can be maintained.   With that in mind, we are working hard to establish guidelines to help ensure that we have the safest environment possible.  This may include, but will not be limited to:
-Hand sanitizer stations in the snack bar, bathrooms, dugouts and bleachers 
-Constant cleaning of all equipment in dugouts and equipment room.  We will highly encourage all players to bring/use their own bats, helmets, catchers’ equipment, etc…Upon request, the league will continue to make available the equipment listed above, but will be sanitized prior to each, individual use. 
-The league will provide umpires with disinfectant wipes to wipe down the baseball each time the ball is put in play.  

-Wearing protective masks will be optional, but highly encouraged (this will be subject to local guidelines/recommendations at the time).
-The team at-bat will use both dugouts to allow for safe distance, with no more than three players in each dugout.  Remaining players will be spread six-feet apart behind the dugout/fence.  

-The umpire will be positioned six feet behind pitcher, rather than behind the catcher.  

-Bleachers will be closed.  Spectators should bring chairs to game rather than using bleachers to assure safe distance.
-Catchers will also maintain a six-foot distance from the front of home plate.  A line will be drawn for the catcher to crouch behind.
-Coaches making a mound visit will do so from a six-feet distance.  Visits will be restricted to just the coach and pitcher (no other players may join, including the catcher).  Base coaches will do the same and cannot touch a batter/runner. 
-No shaking hands or “high fives” before, during or after games.  We will embrace the good, ole fashioned “tipping of the cap” as a sign of sportsmanship/mutual respect. 
As this is unchartered territory, I would love to hear your feedback and any other suggestions that you may have, for how we can best maintain health and safety for all.
Please call me at 412-897-6835 or email me at [email protected].
Someday soon, we will all be hearing the words – PLAY BALL!  But until then, I wish you and your family continued health and safety.  Thank you once again for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. 
Randy Frankel

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