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Apr, 2021


Squirrel Hill Baseball Parents and Players:

Our decision over the past few months, to start play, was made after consulting with many healthcare professionals, as well as city, county and state officials. Over the past few months we have been given valuable input and suggestions from our parents as to how their families would feel most comfortable and safe. In addition, we have reviewed many articles as to what other leagues are doing to safely start their athletic seasons.

As a result of this, and in order for everybody to have the safest environment possible, we continue to institute a “SAFE RETURN TO PLAY PLAN.” Procedures below will be in addition to CDC guidelines and city/county/state regulations. We have incorporated the UPMC Sports Medicine Playbook “Return to Sports during COVID-19 Minimum.”

In order to ensure that our plan is adhered to, we will have a Safety Director at the field during all games to monitor and manage these necessary changes. In addition, we will ask for assistance from our coaches and parents to help implement these guidelines. We will continue to monitor local guidelines, and make any adjustments accordingly.



-The batting team will use both dugouts with no more than three players in each, spread six feet apart. One player will be in the “on deck” circle.
-Remaining players will be seated in our “socially separated” player area. This area will be behind the first base dugout and will be marked accordingly and monitored by coaches.
-We will not be providing equipment. Players must bring their own equipment.
-All players’ personal equipment will be stored in our new equipment storage area immediately behind the dugout. Each player will have their own “space” where their equipment is to remain while playing.
-No equipment or equipment bags will be permitted inside the dugout - they should be given to your parent/guardian. If parent/guardian aren’t in attendance, equipment bags will be placed against the wall of the building next to the snack bar. Designated areas will be marked.
-Player equipment storage area will be behind each dugout, and will have appropriate distancing guidelines in place. More information to follow including team and league training before games begin.
-Only coaches and players will be permitted in the dugouts.
-Following each game, the dugout will be sanitized by our staff before the next team will be permitted to enter.

-Players cannot share equipment.
-Every player must have their own bat, glove, helmet and catchers equipment (if necessary). Please contact Randy directly if you need assistance.
-Face coverings will be required when not actively participating in the field of play.
-No seeds or gum will be allowed in the dugout or any place in the park.

-There will be no shaking of hands, high fives, or fist bumps at any time.
-No gathering at home plate or any place on the field at any time for celebrations.
-We will use the “ole fashioned tipping of the cap” after the game as a sign of sportsmanship and mutual respect. Players and coaches will do this from wherever they are when the game is over.

-Catchers will not be permitted to go out to talk to the pitcher.

-To assist the Safety Director, all coaches and parents are responsible for enforcing all these rules amongst their players.
-Only a coach is permitted to go to the mound to talk to a pitcher, keeping a six-foot distance
-Group conferences are prohibited.
-No coach will be permitted on the field to disagree with, or argue a call.
-Coaches must call an umpire over to them and stay six feet apart if there are any questions for the umpire.
-As always, arguing balls and strikes is prohibited, as the umpire calling the game will be six feet behind the pitcher.
-Base coaches must be six feet from the runner or fielder and cannot touch a runner at any time.
-Do not bring your team into the dugout until the preceding team is gone and our staff has had a chance to sanitize the dugout. Please remain in a designated area with your team until given the “all clear” by a staff member, and continue to stay 6-feet apart.
-Face coverings will be required to be worn by coaches at all times.
-Coaches will be responsible for putting balls into play when their team is in the field, disinfecting the ball after each batter.

-Will adhere to six feet social distancing at all times.
-Will call the game six feet behind the pitcher.

-Bleacher seating will be available and will be marked to keep spectators 6-ft apart. Personal chairs & blankets are highly suggested. No standing behind home plate or on the riser.
-Please maintain six feet social distancing at all times, other than with people in your immediate household.
-Do not come to the field if you or anybody in your immediate family is sick. This includes new onset of cough, fever (over 100.0), loss of smell or taste, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
-Upon the conclusion of your child’s game, please immediately take your child and leave the park.
-New rules to enter and exit the park.
-Enter using the steps by the parking lot on English Lane.
-Exit the park on Beechwood Blvd or down the ramp onto English Lane which is past the snack bar before Blue Slide.
-Hold onto your child’s equipment bag.
-If weather is threatening, please stay at the field, and if we delay the game, have your child go to the car with you. Only take your child to the car.
-Face coverings are highly recommended for all parents and spectators.


-We will have portable, hands free, hand sanitizers available at various locations.
-Staff will sanitize all high touch areas in the snack bar and on the field.
-All staff will wear face coverings and gloves at all times.
-Anyone buying snack bar items must wear a face covering.
-We are installing a plexiglass protective window at the snack bar counter.
-Water fountains will not be available.
-All rules apply to practices as well as games.
-Employees are required to notify supervisors if they are or become sick. Players and parents are also required to notify their coaches and not attend games or practices.

All of these rules, policies and guidelines are designed to ensure that we’re doing everything possible to create the safest and healthiest environment for our players and families, and at your first game, we will review detailed instructions on all of these procedures and guidelines so all players, coaches and spectators understand clearly.

Thank you for your patience and consideration during this very difficult time. Looking forward to seeing you soon. The words “play ball” will sound better than ever!

Randy Frankel - Director Squirrel Hill Baseball Association
- [email protected] (412-897-6835)

Here is a link for a printable version:
Safety Protocol for Spring 2021 Season

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